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Warning Signs of Water Damage in Walls

05 Oct
Warning Signs of Water Damage in Walls

Warning Signs of Water Damage in Walls

Water damage can be one of the scariest nightmares for a homeowner. There are many ways through which water damage can happen in your home. Some of the most common sources of water damage are floods, sewage backups, and pipe bursts. However, there are some signs of water damage in walls difficult to detect.

Usually, homeowners rarely notice water signs until they have already caused a considerable amount of damage.

Mold and moisture buildup on wall of a modern house

What are the Signs of Water Damage in Walls?

Here we have shared the most common signs of water leakage behind your walls. As water leaks behind the walls are out of view, there are often several signs that can help you detect these water leaks.

Musty Odors in the Room: Too much water or moisture can develop musty smell when it gets absorbed into building materials like wood or drywall. Cavities in walls affected by water damage are at the risk of mold growth which also has a pungent musty odor. If you feel a strong musty smell from a certain area of your wall, there could be a water leak or mold growth behind it.

Noticeable Mold Growth on Baseboards & Walls: Bathroom, kitchen, and basements are highly prone to mold growth as it has the highest moisture level. If you notice mold on walls or ceilings, especially in an area that is not near any plumbing fixtures, it is likely that there is a source of moisture behind the walls.

Stains on The Wall: Water leak in the walls can cause noticeable stains as the water gets absorbed. If you feel the stains are getting bigger day by day, it means that there is a hidden plumbing leak.

Peeling Paints on Walls: Excess moisture behind the walls can cause paint and wallpaper to start peeling or bubbling. This usually happens when the sheetrock behind the wall has absorbed too much water. Look for separation in the wallpaper along the seams or flaking paint to find the hidden water leak.

Buckled Ceilings and Floors: The connected ceilings and floors will also be affected if the sheetrock absorbs too much water or moisture. Check your floors and ceilings for signs of stains and buckling and if you notice a problem, check for water damage signs on nearby walls.

What Should be Done When You Find a Water Leak

A water leak behind a wall is an issue that needs rapid attention, and it would be great if you leave it on professionals.

Addressing hidden water leaks by yourself comprises of multiple tasks such as removing the wet wall or sheetrock and either drying out the affected materials or replacing them. You also need to find and fix the source of the water which may be difficult to do.

By calling a water damage restoration expert, you can trust the job will be done effectively and the technicians will handle all necessary repairs as well as mold removal if required. Make sure you check your home regularly for signs of hidden water leak to avoid serious damages.

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