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Three Overlooked Problems That Can Lead to Flooding

22 May
flooding problems

Three Overlooked Problems That Can Lead to Flooding

Homeowners in United States are always tensed due to the threat of flooding. People think and take precaution of hurricane, tropical storm or heavy rainfall as the most common problem for flooding. However, people forget that some minor leakages inside the household can also create flooding problems. In fact, having a proper knowledge of the problem will help you to take precautionary measures, which can provide your home a next level protection.
Let us have a look at the five common causes of flooding and learn how to defend against them.

Full Tanks & blocked Pipes
Let me explain you taking an example; consider your home as a human body and your plumbing system as your veins and arteries, carrying much water as required and the extra is disposed of. Like your arteries, over time your plumbing may choke up and blocking may happen if you aren’t careful of what you throw in your drains. Due to this the plugged up drain pipe can lead to serious damage and annoying task.
If you notice that your drain is jam or its draining very slowly, you may be experiencing one of a couple of problem: an obstruct somewhere in the drain pipe or your septic tank might be full. You can call your plumber to inspect and deal with it as soon as possible because a blocked drain can overflow and ruin your home. Keep an eye on your drains: if they are running slowly, do not take the risk: get it fixed quickly.

Detritus-Filled Rain Gutter
Every house has a roof and a roof has a gutter installed on the eaves to try to collect water. However, they are dull and very common but they have a huge job: the water goes direct to the drainpipe where it can be carried away to sewer. If gutter were not used the water would fall directly off the roof on wall and roads. Which would lead the water to penetrated into the foundation and can make serious damages. If your house has a basement, foundation always become waterlogged, leading to flood damage. If you want to avoid this problem, clean your gutters each summer.

Leakage in Water Heater
Water heaters are an important part of our livelihood, but after some time they wear out, break, and spring leaks. If you own a traditional tank style water heater, the water will eventually slowly go out of the tank lining; leads to start a small leak but it can also grow to big leak and can create a huge mess-a full-fledged burst that can deal major damage to your home.
There is not much of a way to predict this, but as your heater gets older, issues with the water heater will be obvious. If you see that the water heater is facing problems with the daily demands, then you need to replace the water heater. Through this, it will be ensure that a leaky water heater does not damage your home.

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