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Top Warning Signs Your Hiring a Bad Cleaning Company!

Due to the increasing demand of cleaning among homeowners and businesses, the cleaning industry is getting on the top. While there are many cleaning companies which are not trustworthy. Everyone with a small amount of investment can startup their cleaning company.

We, at  Xtraordinary Carpet Cleaning, can help you with some warning signs to make the right decision about cleaning company. Whether you need cleaning services for your dirty carpet, upholstery, air duct system, tile, and grout or pet odor, this insider information will help you choose the best one.

#Caution 1: A company has just started the cleaning business

Beware while hiring any residential or commercial cleaning company. As it may lead you to bad quality cleaning service, which cost more money in the future. Check the total years of experience for the particular cleaning company and then take your decision.

#Caution 2: The Cleaning service provider is not insured

What if the cleaning service provider damages your carpet or upholstery while performing cleaning? You will panic right! Hence, watch out if the cleaning company is insured or bonded. As their cleaners have the proper training of cleaning your dirty carpet causing no damage.

#Caution 3: A cleaning company not confirming their service rates

Be very careful about the cleaning service rates. This is because many companies do not disclose their rates on the phone or email. They provide you the package rate which might contain hidden charges, costing you more money.

Hope these warning signs help you make the right decision while hiring the cleaning company. In case, if you want more details about cleaning services or tips to hire the best cleaning company, then contact us at 951-302-1033.