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Upholstery Cleaning Winchester CA

Upholstery Cleaning Winchester CA

Upholstery furniture is one of the important assets in the home. They come in various range and fabric materials. People spend a huge amount of money to buy perfect furniture for their home just to create a great look. Home is the biggest investment an individual does in this life, so it is their responsibility to maintain and enhance its beauty.

You should take care of your expensive furniture, but the daily living will wreak havoc on it. In crucial case, you need professional upholstery cleaning. Xtraordinary Carpet Cleaning specializes in upholstery cleaning that too in an eco-friendly way. Most cleaners and cleaning product manufacturers use chemicals to clean and make cleaning solutions. The modern life has become full of harsh chemicals. Our methods are completely safe for your family members and your pets.

Upholstery Cleaning WinchesterWhy Choose Us?

By choosing us you will receive the best upholstery cleaning service in Winchester and nearby areas. Our highly trained cleaners follow the US standard so we can provide you the best outcomes and you can enjoy your upholstery for a longer time. Our cleaners follow the set of steps to deliver desired results:


The most significant thing our cleaners do before starting the cleaning process of upholstery is to analyze the type of fabric it is. We also consider the manufacturers’ instructions on the fabric, then we take cleaning steps according to the fabric.

Removing Dry Dust:

Secondly, it is significant to remove all dry dust and other dry particles from the upholstery before you rinse it.

Applying Cleaning Agents:

At this point, we use an agitator to apply the cleaning solution that goes deep into the upholstery fabric giving a thorough cleaning experience.

Steam Cleaning:

Our cleaners wash upholstery using a hot water extraction system commonly called as steam cleaning. After that our cleaner use a vacuum to remove all dirt, contaminants, and water mixed with a cleaning solution.


Lastly, Xtraordinary Carpet Cleaning makes sure that it completely dries the upholstery so there is no chance of any bacterial growth once we leave.

We are serving upholstery cleaning in Winchester and nearby areas for 18 years. We provide the best upholstery cleaning Winchester at affordable rates. That’s the reason people prefer us when it comes to upholstery cleaning in Winchester.   

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