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How to Clean Grouts by Xtraordinary Carpet Cleaning?

02 Aug
How To Clean Grouts

How to Clean Grouts by Xtraordinary Carpet Cleaning?

Grout is one of the most frustrating areas of the home to clean. The stunning white of freshly-lines grout shows every single mark and stain with glaring clarity. Unfortunately, once grout becomes tarnished with mold, stains, or dirt, it can be difficult to clean. So, to help you out, we planned to write this article, so we can advise our readers how to clean grouts.  

How to Clean Grout with Bleach?

Bleach is a renowned product for efficiently cleaning grout. Oxygen and chlorine bleach are extremely effective. Nevertheless, all bleach products should be used carefully and handled with care. When using bleach, always be sure to follow the directions on the label to ensure you are using the product safely and effectively. 

How to Clean Grout with Natural Remedies?

If you have a pet or children and you prefer not to use products like bleach for tile cleaning, why not give a try with a natural tile cleaner? Natural cleaning products can be potential cleaner and are safe to use around pet and children.  

Grout can be cleaned easily when powerful acids found in vinegar and the whitening properties of baking soda together to form a paste, you just need to grab an effective natural remedy, just mix vinegar and baking soda together to form a paste, grab an old toothbrush and work the solution into the dirty grout to clean it thoroughly. 

The Grout Cleaning Process 

Cleaning Grout properly has everything to do with the product and strategy you use. You may be thinking of the dirty grout currently residing in your bathroom and wondering how on earth you could ever get it clean. There are various methods you can use for cleaning grout but we have outlined the most effective so that you can enjoy a bathroom which look as good as new! 

  1. Prepare Your Tile Surface

Before starting the cleaning of your bathroom grout, it is necessary to use a dry cloth to wipe the dust from the tiles. This will clean any surface dirt from the grout, allowing you the chance to clean the grout effectively. 

  1. Apply Cleaning Solution

Once done with thorough whipping, its time to apply your chosen cleaning solutions. Whether using bleach or a paste of vinegar and baking soda, you want to fully cover the area. Leave the product for thirty minutes so that the solution has time to loosen the stains. This will help you lift the dirt off easily during the cleaning process. 

  1. Scrub away

Once the solution has had time to soak in and lift the stain, it is time to start scrubbing. Old toothbrushes are perfect to complete this job as their small bristles can easily remove the dirt. Scrubbing the grout with a toothbrush can be time-consuming but it is extremely helpful. 

  1. Wash the Grime Away

To finish cleaning the grout, rinse the tile with water and then dry thoroughly. You should see the shining whiteness of your grout return as you rinse it. For stubborn stains, you may need to repeat the process regularly for optimal results. 

How to Keep Grout Clean? 

The best way to avert your grout becoming a problem is by regularly maintaining bathroom tiles. It is important to regularly dry and wipe down your tiles. This stop moisture droplets in your bathroom from gathering on the grout and damaging it over time with Insightly mold growth and staining. Excess moisture in your bathroom can damage your grout, making it increasingly difficult to clean. 

Alternative effective method for keeping your grout clean is spraying it 2-3 times a week with cleaning products or a natural solution of vinegar and water. Simply spraying your tiles and wiping them down a couple of times a week can save up your time.  

By maintaining your grout, you won’t need to spend excessive amounts of time scrubbing furiously at your grout to clean it. 

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