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Grout Installation and Cleaning Mistakes

28 Aug
Grout Installation and Cleaning Mistakes

Grout Installation and Cleaning Mistakes

Planning for DIY for the task of cleaning or installing grout on your own to save a little money for other purposes? Think twice. Executing a grouting project by yourself won’t save you time or money but will definitely cost you more in long run because of the poor execution of DIY.  You should know most common Grout Installation and Cleaning Mistakes while performing DIY.

Tile regrouting and cleaning grout are the task that requires a certain level of expertise. The professionals at the Xtraordinary carpet care are highly trained in these delicate procedures. But, if you are confident about the installation of grout or how to clean grout, avoid these four most common grout installation and cleaning mistakes while performing DIY, we see weekend fighters make when trying to complete their own grout services.

Tile Regrouting Mistake 1: Nonexistent preparation  

Preparation of your workspace before beginning the task is the most important step in tile regrouting project. If the grout isn’t taken in proper proportion or the grout isn’t mixed properly when installing, the grout won’t adhere correctly and you’ll be left with a huge mess. Solving these mistakes can cost you more than professionals like Xtraordinary Carpet Care would have charged you.

 Tile Regrouting Mistake 2: Applying excessive material or moving too slowly

Applying grout properly requires perfect timing. A very common mistake done by the people who believe in DIY is applying and spreading too much grout at once. As soon as grout is laid, it starts to harden so you must shape it into place instantly. It’s also vital that you clean the tiles and as you go before it hardens. The key we provide you is don’t try to cover too many areas in one application. Rather, grout small areas and finish completely before moving on.

Grout Cleaning Mistake 1: Excessive amount of water

Most importantly you need to choose the right cleaners to resolve your issue. Because wrong cleaners don’t have the appropriate tools to deal with it. If you DIY, all you need is a grout cleaner, knee pads, towels and hard work and time and stress. Enough water or wrong type of cleaners on tile floors reduces the power of adhesive beneath the tiles. A similar situation can arrive if you apply abrasive substance or scrub too hard during the cleaning process. If you are not confident give us a call, we can do it for you.

 Grout cleaning mistake 2: Applying harsh solutions

As we all know grout is a porous substance, it can easily absorb any liquid applied to it. Acidic or colored cleaning chemicals will definitely cause long-term damage and discoloration. Grout can become more porous if acidic cleaners used and causing it to collect dirt and grime even faster. Instead of harsh solutions, Xtraordinary carpet cleaning uses steam cleaning system that extracts dirt and grime from grout without damage, leaving it disinfected and clean.

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