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Avoid 5 Common Mistakes while Cleaning of Tiles and Grouts

25 Jan
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Avoid 5 Common Mistakes while Cleaning of Tiles and Grouts

Tiles offer a variety of appearance and wide selection options which makes them a preferred choice for bathroom and kitchen. Tiles come with natural shine on their surface. If we do not clean or maintain them, over the time their surfaces can dull, stain, mildew, or even corrode.

Using proper cleaning material and right techniques can maintain your tiles and grout in new look condition for several years. Most people fail to do so by doing some common mistakes and being misguided by several myths

Common Mistakes to Avoid During Tiles and Grouts Cleaning

1. Use of Harmful Cleaning Agents

To get quick results, most people use bleach and ammonia-based cleaners. Over the time these cleaners will definitely discolor your tiles & grouts and will gradually damage flooring. So, avoid such harsh cleaning agents and prefer the one suggested by the manufacturer.

2. Not Cleaning Up a Spill

Food stains, lemon juice, soft drinks, and tomato stains can cause quick harm to your tiles. So, wipe them up fast. Don’t allow the spill to sit for longer of time else it can cause discoloring.

3.Vacuuming Tiles

Avoid using a vacuum to clean the tile surface because the metal beater bar can scratch the tile’s finishing and dull their appearance. You can use a vacuum cleaner if it has the functionality to switch off the beater bar to vacuum the hard surface otherwise brushing is the finest option.

4. Scrubbing Hard

It is a common myth that the harder we scrub the tiles, the more it will shine. However, it is not a fact. The hard scrubbing can damage the finish of the tiles. You can use a soft cleaning cloth or a soft brush.

5.Over Wetting the Tiles

Don’t over wet tiles. The minerals available in tap water can leave behind discoloration or stubborn stains. It also can lead to mildew and dingy grouts. So quickly wipe them.

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