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Shower Enclosures Restoration

  • Does your shower screen look horrible?
  • Can you barely see through it due to soap scum build up and lime deposits?
  • Can’t afford to do up your whole bathroom at the moment?
  • Perhaps you are looking to sell your home and don’t want to spend a lot of money making your bathroom look good for sale?
  • Do you have a rental home and want to make cleaning the glass easy for the tenants? Xtraordinary Carpet Care offers professional shower screen cleaning. Hard water stains are very difficult to remove and continue to get worse over time, but fear not – Xtraordinary Carpet Care have specially formulated compounds and equipment to remove these 98% of the time.

If the glass is very old permanent damage can be caused, which is simply not cost effective to restore. Besides that, in MOST cases, your glass can restore to look like new. Once restored it is recommended that you protect the surface with Shield for Glass to ensure you never have these marks come back again!

Shower Enclosure Glass

For existing shower enclosure glass, Surface Care has adapted our commercial field experience into the restoration of Residential shower enclosure glass. This service can renew the “like new” appearance to architectural glass shower enclosures that have naturally degraded over time from exposure to an aggressive high moisture bathroom atmosphere.

Shower enclosure glass commonly degrades, with the appearance of cloudiness, hard water stains. Also other stains and debris that have literally bond to the glass. This is commonly most pronounced along the bottom edges or the lower portions of the glass; these conditions vary from geographic area to geographic area, depending on the local characteristics of the water; such as hard water / high mineral content.

Degradation of shower enclosure glass can happen within months of a new installation. Besides that, it depends primarily on the composition of the local water. It is more and more common for higher end shower enclosure contractors to offer various protective coating products. While this can be as an extra cost option for a shop application before installation.

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