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natural stone cleaning

It is completely normal for natural stone surfaces, such as marble, granite, limestone, to become dull over time, and with use. All stone surfaces require regular cleaning, polishing and sealing to maintain their natural beauty.

Xtraordinary Carpet Clean are Temecula’s natural stone and restoration specialists.

Our natural stone cleaning and polish service includes a thorough cleaning of the area to be polished using a special cleaner and diamond cleaning pads. We then apply polishing powder and polish with polishing pads. Lightly buffing the polished surface to remove any polish residue. This service is suitable for both a polished and honed finish.

Where possible, our aim is to improve the gloss reading of your natural stone, post an Xtraordinary Carpet Clean stone polish service.

Countertops in your kitchen and sink whether granite or other stone, sometimes chips in heavily used areas such as around sink and edges.  Xtraordinary Natural Stone Cleaning/Polish repairs and maintains any natural stone surfaces that have been cracked, chipped, scratched, or dulled, so that they look as beautiful as intended on the day of installation.

We recommend and provide solutions for exterior/interior surface preservation and restoration with the ultimate goal of delivering best outputs. We have displayed that what customize floor restoration services should be – by being attentive, responsive and respectful to our customer’s requirements. We keep up-to-date with technology trends. Xtraordinary carpet care would like to guarantee our clients that we are well equipped, committed, and use the most advanced technology.  Our awareness and experience will ensure that our clients are given trustworthy and reliable long-term floor solutions.

We use the most modern UV-cured formulas and products to not only conceal the old damage and repair it – but also to ensure that the repairs are “watertight” and safe for their future use. Our technicians are specialized not only in the technical aspect of repairs but also in the artistic side needed to match color and veins found in most natural stone.

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