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07 Feb
Carpet Repair/Damage Restoration Temecula

How Much Money I Can Save On Performing Carpet Repair Myself?

Saving money on repairing the carpet at home is what everybody dreams. Yes, we agree that many people have actually saved money on other repairs using DIY repair techniques and tools. But, what about carpet repair? Is it possible to save money performing this task on own? Let’s take a look! Price of Carpet Repair […]

02 Feb
Carpet Repair or Replacement_ Which is the Better Option_ (1)

Carpet Repair or Replacement? Which is the Better Option?

According to the studies, only a few people go for carpet replacement because their carpets are beyond repair. Since your carpet is a huge investment, it can cost you more if you replace your carpet just for patches or wrinkles. Hence, you can choose carpet repair/damage service to save both money and time on a […]