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Tips to Maintain and clean your Shower Enclosure

12 Jun
Tips to Maintain and clean your Shower Enclosure

Tips to Maintain and clean your Shower Enclosure

Cleaning of shower enclosure is not an easy job to do. Even at bathroom City, we have never met a customer or cleaning staff who would say that they love it. Sadly, the fact is that it’s a job that is need to be done immediately because leaving it, as it is will obviously affect the condition your health as well as of the bathroom.

It’s been filed by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention that a moldy shower surroundings triggers the chances of catching colds, sore throats and even skin and eye irritation. This means making sure your enclosure is clean should be considered as a vital necessity.

Because of bathroom’s moist surroundings, it becomes a breeding ground for the germs, bacteria and mold. That the reason it is essential to maintain a regular airflow inside you bathroom.

In some cases, air extractor is to be installed. Still, this does not mean you should refrain from regular cleaning your shower enclosure. A dual effort of an air extractor alongside regular cleaning will be the key to maintain a pristine shower enclosure.

The following is a breakdown for how to get that pristine shower enclosure.

Through day-to-day use, there is a strong likelihood the shampoo and soap you apply will obviously attract deposits on your shower door glass, taking away its glimmer and shine. Here are four best tips to maintain and clean your shower enclosure.

  • Stay on top of cleaning- the best thing you could do is use limescale. Limescale deposits can easily be removed if you clean them regularly.
  • Wipe it out and make it dry after using it. This will be very helpful to remove hard water deposit. After shower do this thing first. This activity will take hardly few minutes and will be helpful for long run.
  • Clean it using glass cleaner- when you see deposits on the shower glass, spray the cleaning liquid on the glass and leave it for few minutes.
  • Clean the glass – grab a paper towel, rub the glass cleaner into the sprayed areas.

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