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How To Refinish A Fiberglass Shower Stall At Home?

18 Mar
How To Refinish A Fiberglass Shower Stall At Home

How To Refinish A Fiberglass Shower Stall At Home?

Fiberglass is one of the light-weight and low-cost materials that is used in bathroom stalls and tubs. It is easy to clean, but if you use the wrong products for its cleaning then it can be scratched.

However, when you find that your shower stall looks yellowish and dirty, it is necessary to refinish it. The fiberglass is covered with special epoxy paint. For refinishing the fiberglass, reapply this paint on it. So, learn here the DIY steps to refinish a fiberglass shower stall.

shower glass cleaning

  1. The first step is purchasing a fiberglass refinishing shower kit from a local store or online. Then, remove all the shower heads and their fixtures.
  2. Clean the shower from top to bottom, until all the dirt and grimes are removed with a liquid solution. Also, clear all the blocks between the corners, edges, around the fixtures by using a block-removal tool.
  3. Apply a folded piece of 400-grit fine sandpaper in the corner areas. So, that you can ensure about clearing all the blocks from the shower stall.

    shower glass cleaning

  4. Wear rubber gloves and keep ventilation in the room while cleaning and refinishing the shower stall. Moreover, to apply new paint on your shower stall, you need to remove the old paint completely. So, use #0000 steel wool to buff the entire shower stall surface.
  5. Begin from the top and buff the entire surface until it looks dull and doesn’t reflect light through it. Then, rinse the dust from its surface and dry it completely.
  6. After drying the surface, apply a painter’s tape on the border areas, adjacent walls and floors near the shower stall.
  7. There are different types of specialized fiberglass shower stall paint kits available in the market. You can select any one from them that suits best to your shower stall.
  8. Apply the thin layers of paint with a paint sprayer or cans. Also, ventilate the room with a fan and open all the windows of the room.
  9. After the paint dries, you should sand the shower stall lightly with a #0000 steel wool. Wipe down the dust with a dry cloth and recoat the paint.
  10.  You will need to apply 4-6 coats of paint. Hence, you will restore the original fiberglass finishing of your shower stall.

Are You Planning To Hire Professional Shower Enclosure Restoration Services?

You get to know about the DIY steps for fiberglass shower stall cleaning in this blog. But, these steps need to be performed by taking proper care and precautions at home. Also, it requires much time if you are not experienced in it. So, it is advisable to take the help of professionals.

We at Xtraordinary Carpet Care offer the top-notch professional shower enclosure restoration services in Temecula and its nearby areas. Our experts use specially formulated compounds and the latest equipment to remove 98% of hard water stains from your shower stall. Then apply suitable paint on the fiberglass.

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