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Home Hacks to Keep Shower Glass Door Clean

09 Dec
Home Hacks to Keep Shower Glass Door Clean

Home Hacks to Keep Shower Glass Door Clean

Many homeowners consider bathroom cleaning a big headache as it requires regular cleaning and maintenance. The dirty glass of the shower door with lots of spots and scum makes the cleaning job even more difficult. 

To help you restore the shine of the shower glass door here we have listed some professional tips. Consider these ideas if you are staging your house to sell and want to get the maximum value for it. 

Let’s begin with the smart hacks to keep your shower glass door clean!

Shower Glass Door

How To Get Relieved From Soap Scum On Shower Glass Door? 

Generally, soap scum makes the glass door in your bathroom dirty and unclear. Here are some home tips to consider while removing the soap scum after-effects like smell, mold or mildew from your shower glass door. 

1. Remove Awful Smell

Vinegar is effective on soap scums that produce an awful smell. But now you can remove the bad smell from your bathroom within seconds. Take some undiluted white vinegar and dip a sponge foam sheet in it. Now use the sponge on the glass door by scrubbing lightly for 5-6 minutes and then rinse it off with warm water and see the magic, streaks are gone.

You can also go for regular cleaner used for the general-purpose to scrub off the scrum if you are not comfortable with vinegar. To prevent the soap scum on the glass door, start using liquid soap instead of bar soap. The talc in the bar soap is what produces a lot of scum.

2. Rule out Mold and Mildew

Scums are unwelcoming and molds and mildews are bad for health. When you are cleaning this area you need to be aware of the danger of mold and mildew. Fungi are harmful to health and can fall you sick. Vinegar is ineffective (killing) on molds and mildew. Here you need a solution of hydrogen peroxide or bleach.

Take a spray bottle and pour the solution into it. Sprinkle it on the affected areas, Scrub the fungi and remove it from the shower glass door. There are many green cleaning options that you can select to keep your shower glass door clean. 

Keep in mind that you may have to replace the caulking if the mildew adheres to it. 

3. Clean the Hard Water Drops

Hard waters always contain minerals that make crystallized drop marks on the shower glass doors. These can be removed easily by vinegar. It will take a few minutes with your little effort to clean the spots on the shower glass door using an equal proportion solution of water and vinegar. The steps are the same as the one for removing soap scum. Simply wet the affected areas and rinse after a few minutes.

To avoid water spots or mineral deposits, rub the glass door using clear car wax to prevent water stains. Proper care must be taken when cleaning with wax because if it falls on the floor it can lead to fatal accidents in the bathroom.

4. Approach an Expert

If you have a hectic schedule or you find the task too tedious, then you can call Xtraordinary Carpet Cleaning. We are the leading provider of shower enclosure cleaning services in Temecula and nearby areas. Contact us at 951-302-1033 to get the best ideas to keep the shower glass door clean and clear. You can also follow us on Facebook.

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