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Step by Step Professional Oriental rug Cleaning

11 Aug
Oriental rugs

Step by Step Professional Oriental rug Cleaning

Professional Oriental Rug Washing by Xtraordinary Carpet Care.

Oriental rugs add an exquisite and add an exotic touch to any house. The addition of an oriental rug to any room or living space changes the feel and environment of the living space significantly. Due to the uniqueness of this type rug, it stands out as something you want to take care of. There are several options you have when it comes to Oriental rug cleaning, and one of the best ones is going for the professional cleaning services. Washing your oriental rug should be done carefully in steps professionally and done by an expert in your local Temecula area. This is very vital since it enables the rug to get cleaned efficiently. Some of the stains on these rugs may be hard to remove if the cleaning is done randomly. Below are some of the steps involved in professional Oriental rug cleaning?

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Dust Removal

This is the first step in professional Oriental rug cleaning. This is a very important step as it helps remove the dust that is trapped inside the foundation of the rug. These soiling in the foundation of your rug grind against the fiber, and this is the main reason behind wear and tear. Your oriental rug will last longer if it has very little soiling.

Professional Inspection

Once the rugs are dusted, an inspection is very necessary. We are professional and have cleaned and apprised thousands of expensive oriental rugs. This inspection needs to be done so that the best cleansing treatment of the rug can be determined. As stated above, there are different forms of stains and there are specific cleaning methods that are used to remove these stains.

Soaking and Hand Washing Rugs in Temecula

This is the next step necessary after determining the perfect cleaning method for your rug. This process needs to be done by hand after a proper bath and soak method is added onto the rug. An environmentally friendly organic solution is also necessary when the scrubbing and gentle washing by hand is done. The rugs that are too delicate to be scrubbed by the powerful scrubbing machines and need to be hand scrubbed firmly and carefully and one by an experience Temecula rug cleaner.


This is the step that comes immediately after scrubbing a rug. This step is very important as it is the one that cleans the rug off all the dirt removed by the scrubbing process. This step should be done using a professional rinsing machine that will clean off all the dirt.

Extraction of Water

This process is very essential since it prepares the rugs for drying. This process not only shortens the drying process but also ensures that your rug comes out with a soft and fluffy texture.


This is one of the last steps of professional Oriental rug cleaning. After water is extracted from the rugs, they are then taken to a dry room. In the dry room, the rugs are hung upwards, and the temperature of the room increased to facilitate the drying process.

Above are the steps necessary for effective professional rug cleaning. Xtraordinary Carpet Care always takes the proper steps to make sure your rugs and carpets are cleaned in a delicate manner. These steps are all vital, and after they are done, your rug will come out very clean and brought back to life.


  1. I have a large wool Kharastan with pet urine stains and bad odor. I also have a smaller silk Persian rug ( maybe 5 by 7. No urine white and needs to be brightened up. Please call me.

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