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Cleaning tips for home’s kitchen by Xtraordinary Carpet Care

28 Jul
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Cleaning tips for home’s kitchen by Xtraordinary Carpet Care

Periodic kitchen cleaning is a job almost everyone is tasked with, at some point in their life, and most of us have routines and techniques that work best for us when it comes to cleaning the room in which we prepare our food. However, there are several good tips we have found that will make your kitchen cleaning life easier. Xtraordinary carpet care offer several kitchen cleaning tips (you probably didn’t know) in this blog entry.

Cleaning Cast Iron

Cast iron pans can be frustrating to clean because you can’t use soaps to wash them as you may damage the pan. Often, they’re used to fry meats or sauté vegetables and food residue can get stuck to the bottom of the pan. To easily clean cast iron, add two tablespoons of oil and place on a stove element at medium heat. Once hot, pour 3 tablespoons of salt into the pan. Then, use tongs and a paper towel to clean the pan. Finish by rinsing under water and coating with vegetable oil. No more stuck on food residue!

Favor wooden kitchen products over plastic for cleaner eating!

There are quite a few reasons to favor wooden products over plastic when it comes to things like stirring utensils and cutting boards. They’re gentler on blades and tend to look nicer than plastic, but one of the best reasons is that wooden kitchen products are less likely to make you ill as bacteria have a much lower survival rate on wood than on plastic. Make sure to routinely oil the surface of your wooden kitchen products to protect them and prevent moisture and bacteria from absorbing into the material!

To clean thoroughly, don’t forget these spots!

There are several places that germs and bacteria can accumulate in the kitchen that you may overlook when you clean. our study sites the refrigerator vegetable and meat compartment, the blender gasket, the can opener, rubber spatulas and the food storage container as the six places in the kitchen with the most bacteria and germs. Pay extra attention to these places during your next cleaning session!

We hope these tips will help you keep your kitchen a clean and healthy place for you and your family to prepare and cook your meals. If you think you’d like to hand over some of your cleaning duties to the professionals, give Xtraordinary Carpet Care a call at: 951-302-1033 or check out our facebook page for a great discount on your next home or business clean!

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