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6 Tips to be Considered to Get Rid of Pet Odor

05 Sep
6 Tips to be Considered to Get Rid of Pet Odor

6 Tips to be Considered to Get Rid of Pet Odor

Everyone love pets not just because they are adorable but also, they are the best companions. Majority of families in US like to raise pet because they are considered as a stress buster and they are also good for the security of the home. But who can understand better than a pet owner that raising pet brings lots of responsibilities, Pet is not always adorable as the urine odors and stains irritate everyone. It seems quite difficult to get rid of these stains and odors, so here we are going to provide you the best tips to be considered to get rid of pet odor in Temecula.

Clean the urine as soon as possible

Pet urine can become a huge issue if it remains on the carpet for a long duration. So, it is suggested to remove it as soon as we have noticed it for the first time. Blot using a clean towel to stop the urine from penetrating deep into the carpet.

Never use products which contains ammonia in it for cleaning pet urine.

When you are starting to clean the pet urine from the carpet, especially cat urine then avoid using any cleaning products that have ammonia in the cleaning solution. As cat urine contains the ammonia in it, so it will make your cat repeat the offense in the same spot.

Best Pet Urine Deodorizers

Vinegar is the ideal deodorizer for eliminating the pet urine stains and odor from your carpet. To remove pet urine stains from the carpet with vinegar, add one part of lukewarm water with one part of vinegar. Then spray the vinegar solution over the carpet and clean it with a scrub brush. Clean it and let it dry, then scatter with baking soda and vacuum it up.

Be Furtive with Food and Toys

It’s commonly known fact that dogs and cat will not urinate in an area where they play or eat. As you’ve completed the cleaning, and as the area dries, place some toys and food bowls in that place to prevent any repeat performance.

Make Your Place Green

The best and appealing way to remove pet odors naturally is by increasing greenery to your house. Plants will naturally purify the air and detox your home. Before going to buy new plants for your new home, make sure you make some research that which plants are pet-friendly.

Change the Filters Regularly

It is vital and mandatory to change filters of your AC to get rid of pet odors. If you’re not regularly changing the filters often enough, those bad pet smells will just keep moving throughout your home.

These are few tips that can help you to get rid of pet odor. If you want a professional hand to deal with your pet odor removal, call Xtraordinary Carpet Cleaning at 951-302-1033 to make your bookings. We provide best Pet Odor Removal Service in Temecula and nearby areas. Call us now and get the amazing offers.

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