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Reasons On Why Natural Stone Texture Lacks Shine and Luster

15 May
Natural stone cleaning in Temecula

Reasons On Why Natural Stone Texture Lacks Shine and Luster

Natural stone cleaning in Temecula, CA has been gaining popularity in recent years. Nowadays, people are more often choosing natural stone like granite for their flooring and marble for bathrooms. Apart from this, there are a variety of natural stone types used to enhance the beauty of your property. Some popularly used natural stone texture includes polished or honed marble, granite, travertine, etc.

It totally depends on your choice which natural stone texture suits your flooring the best. Different textures have a different purpose while improving durability and aesthetic appearance. For example, Sawn granite is the best option for outdoor, while granites are perfect for your counter or table tops. Overall, natural stone stands the test of time, which means it saves you money on replacement.

Is Your Natural Stone Texture Looking Dull and Dirty?

Over time, dirt, mold, grease, and other pollutants set in the natural stone, marble or granite. This causes the stone texture to become dull and dark. Also, using chemical cleaning products degrades the appearance of your natural stone. Other than that, there are various reasons natural stone texture lacks luster and shine.

  • As mentioned above, dirt and debris are one reason that decreases the aesthetic appeal of your natural stone, i.e., marble or granite. Often people living in Temecula, CA or in other areas do mopping to get away debris. However, mopping alone cannot clean all dust contaminants. Instead, it pushes the dust deep down the grooves and pits of the floor. Therefore, hiring professional natural stone cleaning in Temecula, CA is very important to deep clean your stone flooring.

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  • The etching is also responsible for deteriorating the look of your stone flooring. Mainly, etch marks occur because of acid left on flooring. These acidic products can be orange juice, tomato juice, cola products, and even some toxic cleaning products can etch the texture of your stone floor. These marks do not go away easily, no matter how much you cleaned them. It can be removed using diamonds and a floor machine or hiring an experienced natural stone cleaning expert.

Apart from these hard water stains are also the reason behind making your natural stone texture dull. If you are experiencing any of the reason, then immediately contact a reputable cleaning company like Xtraordinary Carpet Clean. We are the Temecula’s natural stone cleaning and restoration experts. With our polish service, you can also improve the gloss reading of your natural stone.

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