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Important tips to take care of your natural stone surface

25 Apr
stone surface

Important tips to take care of your natural stone surface

To enhance the beauty of the home, many stone can added like marble, granite, limestone and many more stones that are natural. Even though they are durable, they also tend to become dull and may damaged with time. You can increase their life by preventing it from getting dull and developing unsightly stains by taking proper care of your natural stone.

Here are some tips to take care of your natural stone:

Warm water for cleaning: Always make sure you use warm water to clean the stone. Use little amount of non-abrasive soap with warm water, this techniques works best for stone cleaning at home.

Protect stones from heat and acidic substance: Natural stones are heat resistant but still requires protection from direct heat. Due to direct heat, the stones become dull and unsightly. Avoid placing drinks containing acidic substances directly on the stone – place coasters under them first.

Never use acidic cleaners: Avoid using acidic cleaners like lime juice and vinegar to clean the floor, because it reacts with it and make the stone appearance low. If your natural stone need cleaning and you think that, it is not a piece of cake to eat for you and then approach a professional cleaner. He will have some better and quick technique to solve your problem with better outcomes.

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