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How To Clean and Shine Granite Countertops Naturally? 

27 Jun
How To Clean and Shine Granite Countertops Naturally_

How To Clean and Shine Granite Countertops Naturally? 

Since 2000, granite has been a renowned material for kitchen and bathroom countertops. It’s porous as marble, so less susceptible to oils, spills, and stains. Having said that, it is important to protect your granite countertops to maintain its shine. This guide is all about how to shine granite countertops naturally. This means you can now clean and polish your granite surface at home!

3 Easy Steps To Clean and Shine Granite Countertops At Home 

Step 1: Clean your countertops 

Before you polish your granite countertop, be sure to wipe the surface completely. It will remove all the dirt and dust contaminants from the granite surface. Sprinkle granite cleaner and rub the countertop using the soft sponge or clean cloth. Dry the surface with a paper towel. 

  • Tip to make your own granite countertop cleaner

Mix all-natural liquid soap and warm water. Sprinkle a few drops of this mixture in an empty spray bottle and fill the rest with water. Seal and shake the bottle. With this homemade granite cleaning solution, you can clear all the dust particles from the upper surface of the granite. 

Step 2: Polish the granite countertop surface 

Use stone polished equipment having grit diamond pads to begin your granite polishing surface. The pads start at 50 grit and can go up to 3000 or more. In case your granite countertop is partially polished, then skip the lower grits. Don’t forget to wear safety equipment including safety glasses, dust masks, goggles or ear protection. 

polish granite countertop

  • Tip to make your own granite polish 

Apart from purchasing stone polished equipment, you can also make your own polish at home. Take ¼ cup baking soda and 3 cups of warm water in a small bowl. Stir these ingredients in the bowl. Use a paper towel or white cloth to pour the polish over the countertop. Buff the surface with a clean cloth and rinse remaining traces of polish with warm water. 

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Step 3: Get a shine on your granite surface 

shine your granite surface

Once you have clean and polish your granite countertop surface, now it’s time to get the shiny look of your granite stone. Never use abrasive or other chemical cleaners on the countertop as they might make your surface dull. Reseal your countertop about every other year hiring the professionals at  Xtraordinary Carpet Cleaning. We have years of experience providing granite cleaning and polishing services in Temecula CA

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