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Common Mistakes While Sealing Granite Counter-tops

20 Nov

Common Mistakes While Sealing Granite Counter-tops

Natural stones surface always look great once they have been polished. In the case of granite, this is a natural stone that practically demands a polished finish when installing as countertops, vertical panel, and decorative backsplashes. Additionally, it also demands sealing granite countertops, which is vital for it. Polishing granite can be accomplished on a do-it-yourself basis as long as the following mistake is avoided.

Makes Granite Floors Too Slick

Polish should not be applied to granite floor tiles that get a good amount of foot traffic, especially in areas such as the kitchen and baths where there is a higher risk of slipping and falling. Granite flooring should be cleaned and resealed but not polished.

Polishing Over Weak Seals

It is good to polish granite only over a strong seal. Homeowners who are not sure about when did they last time had sealed their granite slabs or tiles, should perform a water penetration test first. Which can be performed by pouring a small amount of water about 3 inches in a diameter on various surface spots. If the water seeps through and leaves dark spots or rising within 30 minutes, the water is penetrating the granite, so it should be sealed using a stone safe granite sealer before polishing.

Polishing Before Sealing

The most common mistake done by homeowners is sealing after polishing. They clean, seal, and polish using spray-and-wipe solutions specially formulated for granite surface. It is important to give 24 hours so it gets thoroughly dry and cure before the polishing formula can be applied. 

Using Common Household Cleaners

The granite polishing method should always start with a good cleaner of the surface, but homeowners should never use common household cleaners for this purpose. Most household cleaners will break down the seal and impregnate the granite through its porous surface. Vinegar is another problematic substance that should never come into contact with granite. The only cleaning surface that should be utilized on granite and another natural stone surface should be those sold especially for the same.

Utilizing Power Tools

Homeowners should never use diamond polishing pads that are attached to drills and power tools. In cases when a homeowner moves into a new property where the granite seems to have never been polished, a thorough cleaning, sealing, and polishing should be performed first with a dry paper towel or lint-free cloth. When granite is neglected and the seal wears out, it will appear dull and stained. Nevertheless, it can often be brought back to a shiny state with highly-quality granite polish.

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