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  1. How Soon Can I Walk On The Carpet Once The Cleaning Process Completes?

Right after the cleaning. But we recommend you to use plastic booties while walking around your carpet area. It depends on the cleaning method cleaners use on the carpet i.e. steam cleaning or dry cleaning. Depending on that, wait for the 30 minutes to walk on the carpet once the cleaning process completes.

  1.  Is It Possible To Eliminate Pet Odors From My Carpets?

Yes, we can assure you remove pet odor from your carpet. Depending on how old is the pet urine spilled on your carpet and type of fabric, our skilled cleaners will help you get rid of bad odor. But, if carpet padding soaks the urine, then it becomes essential to replace the carpet. So, to save money on carpet replacement opt for regular carpet cleaning.

  1.   How Long It Will Take To Dry My Upholstered Furniture?

Depending on your furniture fabric condition and penetrated dust pollutants, it can take overnight to dry the upholstery or just a few hours. You need to be calm to enjoy the comfort of neat and clean upholstery once the cleaning process completes.

  1.   Which are The Best Methods to Save My Carpet Warranty?

Carpet is the main investment for your property. To maintain your carpet warranty, it is essential to vacuum, clean all the allergens and choose the best carpet cleaning service professional in your area.

  1.   Is it Important To Sealed The Grout Lines?

Grout is the porous lining between the tile flooring that absorbs soil and spills. Applying sealant will help create a secure layer against dirt and liquid spills before they soak into the grout. As a result, it maintains the shine of your tile flooring.