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Category: Natural stone cleaning

20 Nov

Common Mistakes While Sealing Granite Counter-tops

Natural stones surface always look great once they have been polished. In the case of granite, this is a natural stone that practically demands a polished finish when installing as countertops, vertical panel, and decorative backsplashes. Additionally, it also demands sealing granite countertops, which is vital for it. Polishing granite can be accomplished on a do-it-yourself […]

13 Nov
Importance of Choosing The Best Stone Polishing Service Provider

Importance of Choosing The Best Stone Polishing Service Provider

With increasing modern technologies, new trends have been observed in the field of home and decor. The main element of home and decor is types of polished stones because they enhance the overall look of your space. There are different types of stones used in your residential or commercial space such as granite, limestone and […]

18 Jun
Marble Cleaning

Do’s & Don’t for Marble Cleaning

People have conception that marble cleaning is a daunting task, let me tell you, marble cleaning is not a difficult or time consuming work to do. Even though it needs a special cleaning routine, which is to be done on a regular basis. It is really simple for you to learn how to do it […]