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17 Oct
How You Should Tackle Any Liquid Spillage?

How You Should Tackle Any Liquid Spillage?

The first mistake was to panic and scrub the liquid spillage. The second was to over-wet the stain. And the third was to liberally apply a shop bought stain remover. But how should you have dealt with it? If you Google “red wine stain removal” you’ll find all manner of suggestions and remedies. Some are entirely […]

08 Jul
carpet cleaning Winchester

Professional Carpet Cleaning could Save Your Money

Have you ever thought how long will your carpet live after you purchase it? Most manufacturers nowadays say approximately 10 years, but that is if the carpet has been maintained well. For that you need professional carpet cleaning. As we all know London is one of the busiest places in the world and people move […]

30 Jun
carpet cleaning tips

Xtraordinary Carpet Care Offers Carpet Cleaning Tips for the Hectic Holiday Season

As the leaves are falling and the seasons start to change, the one universal custom that best signifies the end of fall and beginning of winter even more than climate is the holidays. No matter where you reside, mid-july always marks the start of the compact holiday season, filled with family visits, lights, decorations, and […]

29 May
office cleaners

Identify the Right Office Cleaners – The Basics

Xtraordinary Carpet Care Temecula With our busy schedule most of us are fining tougher to do basic jobs like office cleaning. However, there’s no reason for worry about. Temecula have a number of firms run by enthusiastic office cleaners. The sole drawback comes in selecting amongst the best and the not so best services. Listed below […]

11 May
portable cleaning machines

Portable Cleaning Machines or Professional Carpet Cleaners?

Find out the difference between portable cleaning machines and professional carpet cleaners, from Xtraordinary Carpet Care’s carpet cleaners in San Diego. It isn’t difficult to find a shop in California that will rent you a portable carpet cleaning machine. The regular do-it-yourself stores will offer everything you need: extractor machines, upholstery hoses and attachments, cleaning […]

03 May
carpet repair

Why regular carpet cleaning & maintenance is necessary ?

Just as the clothes we wear need regular carpet cleaning to keep them fresh and hygienic, carpets and upholstered furniture need to be maintained in the same way. Accumulated soil and grit are major causes of wear and tear, which results in reduced carpet and fabric life. Regular cleaning ensures the removal of this soiling, […]