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10 Apr
Carpet cleaning scams Temecula

Beware of Carpet Cleaning Scams in 2019

Not all carpet cleaning company is the same delivering quality services. Therefore, it is important to research before stepping into this cleaning industry to prevent carpet cleaning scams this year. Carpet is the most valuable investment for your home as it enhances the overall appearance of any room. Different carpets are available in the market […]

25 Dec
Importance of Choosing Premium Carpet Repair and Cleaning After Christmas

Importance of Choosing Premium Carpet Repair and Cleaning

Sleeping in a blanket near a rustling fire and smelling the evocative smells of the Christmas holidays are considered the best parts of December. With these enjoyments there comes a cleaning nightmare when Christmas and new year celebrations are over. You must be wondering how to clean or repair the carpet and other areas mostly […]

18 Dec
Mucky Carpet_ Try These Natural Carpet Cleaning Tips

Mucky Carpet? Try These Natural Carpet Cleaning Tips!

There is no denial with the saying that carpeting is one of the major element of every individual’s residential or commercial property. It adds a feeling of warmth and comfort under your foot. Also, it increases the overall aesthetic appeal of your property. Therefore, it becomes very important to maintain and clean it properly. Natural […]

06 Dec
Green Carpet Cleaning

Why You Should Prefer Green Carpet Cleaning?

Usually, people rent a carpet cleaner totally based on price. That’s really a shameful thing. These cleaners are great at cutting corners on materials, equipment, and techniques. It clearly means that the lowest-priced vendors can’t compete with green carpet cleaning services. Many professional carpet cleaners use normal detergents and soaps to perform the carpet cleaning […]

17 Oct
How You Should Tackle Any Liquid Spillage?

How You Should Tackle Any Liquid Spillage?

The first mistake was to panic and scrub the liquid spillage. The second was to over-wet the stain. And the third was to liberally apply a shop bought stain remover. But how should you have dealt with it? If you Google “red wine stain removal” you’ll find all manner of suggestions and remedies. Some are entirely […]

25 Jul
Let Your Kids Make Mess at Home

Let Your Kids Make Mess at Home

Everyone loves things around their home is clean and beautiful, but sometimes it is hard to maintain. There is no escape for those little accidents. The muddy footprints, spilled juice and many more kids make mess at home. All the mothers are familiar with these scenarios very well. Besides that, there are the continuous efforts, […]

01 May
professional carpet cleaning

Why regular professional carpet cleaning is necessary?

What you can do to give your carpet a longer and healthier life? Regular professional carpet cleaning is the solution for it. We often get calls to clean carpets that are visibly soiled. We happily clean it, certainly, but by the time you see that your carpet is stained, the dirt and grit has been […]

12 Apr
best time to clean your carpets

Summer is the Best Time to Clean your Carpets

Summer season is upon us and longs sunny days have started and we have an excellent chance of enjoying this sunny season by going out and spending a good time with sun and sand. correspondingly it is also a perfect time to clean and make your carpets refreshed. Carpet manufacturers and experts recommend a professional […]