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6 Quick Cleaning Tips for Better Carpet Flooring

03 Feb
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6 Quick Cleaning Tips for Better Carpet Flooring

Whether you live in a joint family or simply with your better half, carpets are undoubtedly an interior accessory that does not fade for generations to come. Most people believe that carpets add a touch of comfort to flooring’s. Comfortable to relax on and safe for children to play around, carpets serve as an elegant cover for all types of flooring. However, as far as carpets are concerned, there are many different options to choose from; be it embroidery, velvet work, or plush carpet work, there is a range of options one can opt for. However, as costly as the purchase of a carpet may be, maintenance can be made easy with a little caution and pro-activeness. Here are some tips for quick carpet cleaning.

Here are some tips for better carpet cleaning

  1. Regular cleaning:

Like your body needs a check on a routine basis to maintain your health. Carpet needs the same regularly. Thorough sweeping and vacuuming to remove the surface dust particles that may have settled on furniture and carpets are the right approaches to keep your flooring clean at all times.

  1. Always have complete information about your carpet:

Just as carpets come in different styles and designs, each requires a different mode of cleaning. So, ask yourself questions like, “Does your carpet need dry cleaning, carpet shampooing, carbonated cleaning or steam cleaning?” or “Is it soil and stain resistant?”. Be aware of the warranty period and other details before opting for any extreme cleaning measure.

  1. Take care of your carpets with carpet protectors:

Carpets should be protected from excessive dust and other external particles when there is the danger of getting ruined at events such as parties. In order to thoroughly clean your expensive carpets, you must not shy away from adjusting furniture to reach tough spots.

  1. Be active:

As soon as you notice a stain on your carpet, get to work. The quickest action can produce the best results. Start with a lighter cleaning technique, preferably with cold water, and avoid chemical treatments.

  1. Patch stains, Don’t keep on brushing them:

Dab stains with a cleaning solution and a clean cloth, a sponge. Blotting allows the stain to be soaked up in the cloth while rubbing causes particles to be absorbed in the carpet.Blot from the outside of the stain inward, as blotting outward can spread the stain.

  1. Try a Specific Stain Removal Method:

Many individuals prefer to use different stain removal methods for different types of stains. However, for those wondering the best cleaning methods for the most common types of spills, here’s a quick guideline: club soda for drink spills, shaving cream for general stains, and ice cubes for sticky foods such as gum.

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