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Why I let my kids make mess at home ?

14 Feb
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Why I let my kids make mess at home ?

It’s one of the harsh realities of parenthood that with young kids comes considerable chaos. No matter how organized or vigilant you are around the house, there’s just no escaping those ‘little accidents’. The spilled juice, the muddy footprints or the evidence of a successful day of art and craft.

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As a mother of five-year-old twin boys, these scenarios are all too familiar. As are the continuous efforts, day in, day out, of trying to avoid the unavoidable. Let’s face it: mess is a simple fact of life. Fortunately, though, I’ve found that most messes don’t have to be permanent.

One Saturday at my local Coles, I saw the Xtraordinary Carpet Care display stand. With the twins’ birthday party that afternoon, I decided to prepare for the inevitable and try to manage the clean up myself.

The commercial for the cleaner claims “when you do it yourself with a Xtraordinary Carpet Care, it’s like it never happened”. Well, after my first attempt, I wasn’t disappointed. I simply gave the house a quick once-over, and it came out looking like we had just moved in.

My kids manage to leave every stain imaginable in their wake. But I’ve found that Xtraordinary Carpet Care has thought of everything when it comes to household mess. Not to forget their full range of cleaning products ensures that any kind of stain won’t stick around for long.

Beyond the convenience of being able to take care of the mess in your own time, all Xtraordinary Carpet Care are safe to use around children with allergies or asthma. The cleaning solutions are also pet-friendly (although not so friendly towards the stains and odors they leave behind).

Since I started using Xtraordinary Carpet Care, I stopped being overprotective of my carpets and furniture. I’m fine with the fact that life can get a bit messy from time to time because, with Xtraordinary Carpet Care, stains are only temporary. Memories, on the other hand, last a lifetime.

That is why I let my kids make mess at home.

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