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Which are the surfaces that we do not clean often, but we should

06 Jan
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Which are the surfaces that we do not clean often, but we should

Yes, we understand you completely, but this time we could slightly disappoint you because we have prepared something else for you, which is not the usual part of advice for easier cleaning. This time the specialists from Xtraordinary Carpet Care would like to remind you (a real friendly reminder) some peculiar surfaces and places that we often miss while cleaning but you shouldn’t.

Do not be angry, the least we want is to add additional obligations to your long list. But we cannot help it – after all, that is what we are, professional cleaners. It is like our special signature that we have the desire everything to shine of cleanness.

We have offered you more than once, and we will do it again – we can manage with the entire domestic cleaning of your home – this would have a lot of benefits for you. But in case you have decided to deal with this hard work, then we can only guide you while you achieve the desired result. So today well pay special attention to these details that are often neglected while you clean and this is not acceptable when we talk about impeccable hygiene.

It is true that you cannot clean every single sport at your home when you start cleaning. And the reason hides not only in the growing fatigue; in your desire to finish quickly or that you wish that you can finally have some rest. Time is sometimes not enough to “shine” everywhere. It is absolutely normal and no one would tell you something if you miss a couple of not so important cleaning activities – but there are a few surfaces and places that you need to pay special attention to them if not regularly at least it should be often enough. So, here they are:

Curtains and drapes

We have to admit that they have more decorative than practical function, as for example, furniture upholstery has. But they are textile surfaces and you know it very well that such type of surface accumulates lots of dust. You should clean them often enough, otherwise, you will only fool yourself that there is no dust at your home.

Do not underestimate the danger that dust could have on your health and the people around you if you have relatives that are prone to asthma or any allergic reactions. You should not forget that curtains and drapes accumulate different odors quite fast and this is sufficient reason not to miss them when you are cleaning your home. So what is the use of your enormous efforts to make your home smell fresh and clean if your curtains smell like the pancakes that you made yesterday or to smell of cigarettes?

You should be really careful if you have a dog or a cat because part of its hair will for sure stick to the curtains. You would not stand hairs on the couch or the carpet and you should treat the curtains and the type of textile surfaces in the same way. In order not to think that we give you only directions we can tell you that it is easier to use a soft brush (avoid using hard brushes so that you do not destroy the integrity of fibers and matters) to clean the entire surface of the curtains.

Washing, of course, remains the best way for cleaning but it is not recommended to be done quite often so that the curtains do not tear. You can also use steam-jet cleaner for achieving a good result but you should be careful not to get closer than 20 cm from the curtains. Another satisfying method consists in taking down the curtains in advance after that clean them with a vacuum cleaner, but you should also use soft brush here.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you need help. With our professional upholstery cleaning service, we will clean your curtains to perfection.

The corners of the ceiling and between the walls

It is understandable that you miss this places-you probably do not have the time to sit and look at the ceiling. Oh, do not laugh, this is the truth. But you should have this in mind and pay attention to these places at least once a week.

Spider webs are not pleasant at all! Do not stop when you reach a feeling of comfort – the more time spider webs stay untouched; the more dust they accumulate. And the negative effect of its presence, the danger of illness, we have talked about it a lot, so we will skip this step now. We trust you that you are responsible enough after all this is your home and your health.

And we think of another situation now. Imagine that you are expecting guests and just a moment before they ring on the door, you feel really pleased of yourself and the good work that you have done with cleaning – your home is really impressed with the way it shines and its comfort. But then you accidentally look at the ceiling and what a surprise – a spider web is hanging there. The guests are already here and you do not have the time to react. You just hope that they will not look at the ceiling and see if – it is so unpleasant, right?

Kitchen plots

Yes, we know that you regularly wipe them with a cloth. But after all, we talk about the kitchen – this is the place that you prepare your food – so it should be as clean as in pharmacy. It does not matter that your kitchen plot looks clean, you need to use an appropriate eco cleaning product.

What is the reason for doing this? Well, it is quite simple – on the surfaces that have had contact with food is quite probable that small, even microscopic particles of food could be left and they start decomposing after time. And the environment that was created in such a way is perfect for bacteria development.

Do you feel sick while you just think of this spreading in the kitchen and on your food? You should not let this happen! You can save a lot of troubles in future and at the same time, this does not require so many efforts. On the contrary – it is enough just to make one move with a sponge or a cloth, soaked in a cleaning product, but you should do it every single day!

While we are still on the subject about the kitchen and the danger of microbes, we want to draw your attention to another surface that hides even more risks than the plot. We are talking about the garbage bin.

When talking about it, it is not enough just regularly emptying its content. You need to pay more attention to keep the surface around its opening and lid as clean as possible. You should include into your weekly duties the cleaning of the garbage bin with an antiseptic preparation – you will significantly reduce the risk of developing E-Colli, salmonella, trichinosis and other extremely dangerous bacteria.

Do not forget that you need to peek (and not only!) inside the bin. Because it is true that you are using bags for garbage, but are you sure that they are tightly stuck and there are no leftovers between the bag and the bin. If you are sure, that is ok, but if you are not, which is the more probable variant, you should regularly disinfect the inside part of the bin.

Chandeliers and lamps

Without talking more, we remind you to clean at least once a week, and if this is not possible to wipe them from their outside part. If you have not done it soon, you will be unpleasantly surprised how much dust it was accumulated on them.

You should carefully remove the lighting part from the decorative part and start with the cleaning of the last mentioned. It is true that such an engagement requires a lot of effort and will because the relief surface of the chandelier and/or the chandelier itself with its designer shape are extremely difficult to be cleaned but do not give up until you remove the dust from the smallest edge or corner.

The head of the shower

We have not doubt for a moment that you carefully pay attention to the hygiene in the bathroom – the tiles, the basin, the shower cabin, the bath…But it was not deliberately or a lack of desire to do the work, but it is possible that you often forget the head of the shower.

After all, when the entire room is shining of cleanness, it is completely normal to forget to pay attention to a small detail like this. Despite the modest size, this detail needs your effort for its often disinfection.

Lots of people thought like starting their day with an energizing shower. How many of you agree to wash with filthy water? Yes, filthy, we are not joking – that is what the presence of bacteria and microbes in the little holes means, and it was supposed that clean water should be running from there.

According to surveys, in no more than 30% of the showers fungi and spores or Mycobacterium are found. This strange Latin name is given to microbes, which cause lung infections. Scary, right! Because lots of microorganisms could be resistant to chlorine, it is best to clean the shower and its head with a solution of water and vinegar. You should have in mind that plastic shower heads are more susceptible to metallic bacteria, so you should be even more precise with them.

Entrance mats

It is not an uncommon thing for people to forget the entrance mats in front of our homes – well, we are all concentrated in cleaning the home itself, not outside it…The mat is though highly contaminated in most of the cases.

Before you say “Well, it is its job to catch the contaminants from the outside”, but you should think about what part of the dirt gets you’re your home straight from the door. And you should also have in mind more – what is the use if you are a real fastidious person.

But people do not have the slightest idea, they even think the contrary?! Well, yes – first of all, each housewife wants the people around them to know how good she is dealing and second – how this could happen when the first impression, before a person entered through the door, is the mat that he sees.

Well, a lot of themes for thinking, don’t you think. We hope that we have inspired you and your home will shine of cleanness no matter if you have achieved this result alone or with the help of Xtraordinary Carpet Care, professionalisms in cleaning.

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