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Summer is the Best Time to Clean your Carpets

12 Apr
best time to clean your carpets

Summer is the Best Time to Clean your Carpets

Summer season is upon us and longs sunny days have started and we have an excellent chance of enjoying this sunny season by going out and spending a good time with sun and sand. correspondingly it is also a perfect time to clean and make your carpets refreshed. Carpet manufacturers and experts recommend a professional carpet clean at the interval of 1-2 years, it helps in maintaining the carpet and increases the life of your carpet. Summer is the best time to clean your carpets. We have anthologized a list of all the ways summer season cleaning is more effective and good than you may have previously believed.

Lets see some benefits of summer for carpets:
1. Carpet cleaning allows a perfect chance for airing out the house. As winter goes it leaves the dirt and grime from mud and snow that gets penetrated into your carpets, which increases the chance of allergen in the house and reduces the lifespan of carpet.

2. Summer has the possibility of snosw but also has shiny sun overhead. This means it has the full possibility to be cleaned thoroughly and dry before they’re exposed to winter hazards. It is very important when we talk about the padding under your carpet as the padding is the support foundation for your carpet. Due to this your carpet becomes softer and feel the coziness when you walk over it.

3. Do you know about carpet insulation? Along with the foam padding beneath it works as an insulator for the floors and buffer sound. If having more dust or dirt and grime resides in the carpet fiber, the comfort and cozy feel become lesser and lesser.

4. It is energy effectual to have your carpets cleaned in the summer season than the winter season since you’re not losing heat while working and drying machines are not required. As energy costs are on the rise, being budget conscious is the smart thing to do.

5. Kills and stops allergens to come inside like dust and pollens before the winter arrives to make a healthier home ambient. As winter hits, everyone likes to spend more time inside the house. This will expose the family members to the allergens that have built up in your carpets making you more susceptible to symptoms that mimic the winter flu.

There is no better time than now to get your carpets ready for fall and winter. Call us today and let us take some of the stress out of your summer, and don’t forget to ask about our special deals.

There is no perfect time than now to get your carpets prepared for fall and winter. Call Xtraordinary carpet care in Temecula and let us take some of the stress out of your summer. We provide services in Temecula and nearby cities.

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