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Few Signs You Need To Replace Your Carpet

06 Mar
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Few Signs You Need To Replace Your Carpet

Just like the old saying, “nothing is permanent”, a proper good amount of carpet maintenance isn’t enough to keep your carpet forever. You’ll have to replace it at one point, and that’s okay.

What can be the reasons to replace a carpet?

Come let’s see:

         Permanent Stain

There are many ways to remove carpet stains, however, some stains can be stubborn and leave your carpet looking unattractive that you may have to hide it with furniture. And since carpets are highly absorbent, you most definitely want to get rid of unwanted biological substances.

       Torn-out Carpet

The main reason why most homeowners use carpet as part of their decorative ventures is that they want their home to look good and feel more inviting. So having wears and tears completely destroys the whole purpose. Not only that, large rips are quite hard to repair and may need professional attention, compared to small ones that you could probably take care of yourself.

         Stinky Carpet

Foul smelling carpet can only mean one thing and that’s bacteria living and growing inside your carpet. Bacteria can grow in wet, warm surfaces and they multiply really fast. If you tried cleaning your carpet many times, or have hired a professional cleaning service but the stink doesn’t go away, then it’s about time to consider replacing them.

         Allergic Symptoms

If you find yourself sneezing a lot for no apparent reason, chances are, your carpet might be the thing causing it. You not only want to live in a beautiful house but you also want to be in a hazard-free environment to make sure your health is not jeopardized.

         Old Carpet

The lifespan of a carpet can go from 5 to 30 years (or more for high-end wool carpets). Not only that, its longevity can even go lower depending on how many do you have to live in your house including your pets. Although proper carpet care changes everything, don’t beat yourself up for having to change an old one. It will do more good than harm to you.

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