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Mucky Carpet? Try These Natural Carpet Cleaning Tips!

18 Dec
Mucky Carpet_ Try These Natural Carpet Cleaning Tips

Mucky Carpet? Try These Natural Carpet Cleaning Tips!

There is no denial with the saying that carpeting is one of the major element of every individual’s residential or commercial property. It adds a feeling of warmth and comfort under your foot. Also, it increases the overall aesthetic appeal of your property. Therefore, it becomes very important to maintain and clean it properly. Natural carpet cleaning is one of the ways to deep clean your carpet without causing any kind of damage.

If you are looking for eco-friendly carpet cleaning solution, then natural carpet cleaning is what you require. It takes your valuable time and some natural ingredients when you wish to do it yourself. Must be wondering how to start the cleaning process? Right! Here we have mentioned tips for naturally cleaning your carpet which causes no harm to your children or pets.

Important Tips For Natural Carpet Cleaning

  • Start with Vacuuming Your Carpet

If there are any large particles remaining on your carpet, then vacuuming is the best option to eliminate it. You can do vacuuming to clears the upper layer of the carpet containing dirt or grime. For proper cleaning result, it is essential to know the right way to vacuum your carpet. Studies have proved that vacuuming your carpet once a week maintains a healthy environment in your home or office, eliminating all dirt and allergens.

  • Eliminate Hard-To-Remove Stains

We all do our best to get rid of hard stains whenever it is noticed. However, there are annoying spots that take several treatments to get removed. Looking for the best solution to get rid of spills on your carpet? An alternative to other cleaning techniques is the usage of iron. Mix the solution of 1 part of vinegar and 2 parts of water into the spray bottle and spray it on the carpet stain. Place damp rag wipes on that spot and iron the rag with steam setting about 25 seconds. Repeat the steps if the stain on your carpet is for a longer time.

  • Turn On Portable Steam Carpet Cleaner

Before going further with this step, do you know how to use steam carpet cleaner? It is crucial to know about it before adding any cleaning solution to the steam cleaner. All it takes is equal parts of water, vinegar and a few drops of essential oil to eliminate that salad dressing smell from your carpet. However, if your carpets go through heavy traffic, then take a higher proportion of water and vinegar in the steam cleaner.

Let Your Carpet Get That Special Attention

Following the above-mentioned DIY tips helps you to clean your carpet and remove bad odor. Still, if you want a deep cleaning service for your carpet, then Xtraordinary Carpet Cleaning & Restoration is your helping hand. With years of experience in the cleaning industry, we help you remove all the hard stains, dirt and other pollutants from your carpet.

For more information about the benefits of our professionally cleaned carpets, contact us at 951-302-1033. Or would you like to speak to one of our experts? Just fill the inquiry form on our website.

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