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How to Get Sticky Stuff Off Carpet That Saves You Time?

20 Aug
How to Get Sticky Stuff Off Carpet That Saves You Time

How to Get Sticky Stuff Off Carpet That Saves You Time?

Cleaning carpet can be a challenge when you have kids at home. While playing, kids often spill liquid or left gum, tape residue, or rubber glue on the carpet. To take off these sticky substances from carpet needs proper technique and skill. 

However, a tight budget and less time can sometimes put you in a helpless situation. So, how to get the sticky stuff off the carpet that saves both time and money? 

Ways To Remove Sticky Residue From Carpet 

Temecula cleaners recommend that every homeowner should opt for professional carpet cleaning twice a year. It is because over 43 million tons of dust falls over the U.S each year. This statistic can also be one reason that makes your carpet dirty and grimy. 

Temecula cleaners have suggested some tricks to eliminate all the dust and sticky substances from the carpet while saving time. It will help you preserve the look and feel of the carpet. Let us look!

Candies in carpet


1. Remove Sticky Candy and Gum Stains

Step1: Take ice cubes and rub it over the sticky stain on the carpet. Continue the process until the substance becomes harden. 

Step2: Take off the stain on the carpet using the knife. 

Step3: You can also use a market spray to remove the sticky candy or gum on furniture. 

Step4: Clean the area with a clean cloth.


2. Remove Tape Residue From Carpet 

Step1: Put on gloves for safety purposes. 

Step2: Purchase the cleaning product containing ethanol alcohol, mix it with water, and pour on the sticky stain. 

Step3: Let the liquid stay on the stain for a few times. So, that it penetrates deep into the fabric and you can easily remove the sticky residue. 

Step4: Make a solution of soap and water. Pour on the carpet and scrub it gently with a washcloth.

Step5: Let the carpet dry and then vacuum it to restore the natural texture. 

We hope these ideas on how to remove sticky stuff off the carpet works for you. If you want to know more about carpet cleaning, then hire the best Temecula cleaners called Xtraordinary Carpet Cleaning. You can also call at 951-302-1033 or follow us on Facebook & Twitter