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How to Detect Dog Urine On Carpet Using a Black Light?

19 Jun
How to Detect Dog Urine On Carpet Using a Black Light

How to Detect Dog Urine On Carpet Using a Black Light?

No matter how much effort you make in your dog’s potty training, sometimes it doesn’t work according to your plan. Is your dog not going outside for a potty? If so, then it is possible that pee stains and odors can lurk in your carpet. You may not even know that your dog is secretly going potty inside your house. So, how to detect dog urine on a carpet?

Use a UV Black Light – Smart Pet Stain and Odor Removal Tactic!

detect dog urine stain usine black light

It is the ultra-violet black light available in every pet supply store. You can use this flashlight to identify the dog urine stains. When you put this black light on organic substances like dog urine, the area glows because of the proteins they contain.

These are the proteins that reflect ultraviolet light when there is low light. Using this black light, you can identify urine stains on your carpet, whether it is fresh or older stains. It helps you to clean and remove the dog urine stains or odors completely. Overall, this black light has an immense number of benefits.

Pro Tip: A UV black light works best in the darker room. Always try to search for urine stains at night for the best results. You can also identify stains when you have good blackout curtains.

Steps On How to Detect Dog Urine On Carpet

Step 1: Start with shutting off all the lights in your home, i.e., there is enough light to search for urine stains. Sometimes, you can also use a torchlight to see your way to the area of the carpet you want to inspect. The less light the better!

Step 2: Turn on the UV black light and shine it over the carpet. Focus, the light on the area where you have a doubt of having dog urine stains. The area will glow brightly under the light. This is a sign for you!

Step 3: To recognize the urine odors smell the carpet. Focus on the area having a strong smell of ammonia from the dog’s urine. Also, move your black light to any area to see if there is urine present which glows.

Step 4: Mark the areas that glow under the black light by placing a paper towel over it. Clean the areas you have marked with a dog urine cleaner. It contains enzymes to break down the chemicals in the urine.

Step 5: Re-check the areas with the UV black light after a few days when the spot area is dry. If you still notice that stains glow under the light, then it’s time to clean them again.

Need Some Professional Tips On How to Detect Dog Urine On Carpet

We hope that considering these steps on how to detect dog urine on the carpet using UV black light is helpful for you. Still, if you need a professional’s help to clean it accurately, then Xtraordinary Carpet Cleaning is here to assist you. Over the years, we have been serving our clients for all their issues on pet stains and odor removal in Temecula. To know more about us and pet odor removal services, contact us at 9513021033.

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