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How Professionals do Carpet Cleaning

16 Dec
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How Professionals do Carpet Cleaning

Other than one’s home one of the largest investments one makes is for the purpose of furnishing the home i.e. on the carpets and furniture that one puts in the home. For this, there are so many choices with the different textures, colors and different styles but whatever the choices are one can rest assured the cost will run into the thousands. One chooses these items because of their beauty and elegance and it is a terrible feeling to watch these items turned dull and drab, lose their appearance. Regular vacuuming and regular carpet cleaning will help to maintain the appearance and beauty of the carpets and furniture but applying stain protection is another way to prolong the beauty of the furnishings along with fabric protection.

Fabric treated in the mill with Fluor-chemical commercial finishes renders it stain-repellent properties, making a store’s application unnecessary. But, there is no way to know for certain whether a particular fabric has been treated; upholstery-content labeling on furniture is not required by law. While treated fabric performs equally against stains before cleaning, the resistance of some drops after cleaning.

Hot-water cleaning is greatly damaging. Some of them fail by the time they have three hot-water extractions. The worst performers are cotton and rayon; pure polyester fares best. The treatments may leave some fabrics, particularly smooth cotton, with a slight sheen, but they rarely affect color. Dry cleaning, known in the industry as solvent cleaning, is more effective in maintaining the stain-resistant properties of the treatments. There are few professional cleaners who do the solvent cleaning in the home. And also it is not recommended as it doesn’t remove the general build-up of grime.

It may be noted that any cleaning can be damaging to stain resisters. The cleanings will not remove the finish at once but it will gradually diminish it. It is recommended that after about three years and three cleanings the finish is reapplied. Professional cleaners can clean the fabric and reapply commercial protectors. But it is recommended that a fabric-finish treatment is reapplied only after the upholstery is thoroughly cleaned; otherwise, the dirt can become trapped beneath the new finish.

It is suggested to use a blow-dryer to dry a patch of fabric after a cleaning and then performing the bead test by putting a drop of water on the dry spot. If it beads up, no new finish is necessary. The best thing to do is to minimize the need for professional cleaning. Vacuum once a month with clean upholstery attachments. Blot spills, rather than rubbing or scrubbing.

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