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DIY Carpet Cleaning Solutions To Restore Carpet Quality At Home

22 Apr
DIY Carpet Cleaning Solutions

DIY Carpet Cleaning Solutions To Restore Carpet Quality At Home

When people plan for flooring, wall-to-wall carpet is the most popular option. However, day-to-day foot traffic and accidental spills can quickly make it look dirty. Knowing how to clean your carpet properly can help it look like a new and last longer. Apart from the proper method, ideal DIY carpet cleaning solutions also play a vital role in the cleaning procedures.

The first step to routine maintenance is vacuuming on a regular basis to remove dirt and debris. If you want to keep your carpet looking clean, you need to include spot removals with your regular maintenance.

Stains and dirt are an unavoidable aspect of having carpet in your home. Carpet takes various types of beating whether it is spilled juice to dog vomit or the heavy everyday traffic. Hence, using a DIY carpet cleaning solutions can help your carpet to last longer and look cleaner.

DIY Carpet Cleaning Solution Formula

Stop spending your hard-earned money trying to keep your carpet clean. You don’t have to waste your money on those harsh and expensive commercial carpet cleaning solutions, and you don’t need hire a professional carpet cleaner to get your carpet looking like new. There are many formulas that comprise inexpensive ingredients that will tackle tough, ground-in dirt and stains just, if not better than the products you can buy in the store.

Homemade Carpet Shampoo Recipe

  • ½ cup ammonia
  • Three teaspoons liquid dish soap
  • One-gallon hot water
  • 5 to 6 drops of essential oil of your choice (optional)

To make a powerful carpet cleaning shampoo, you need to mix the ammonia, dish soap, and water properly. You can add essential oils to the solutions if you’d like to leave your carpets smelling fresh after you’ve completed the cleaning task.

Then, slowly stir the solution to ensure that all the ingredients are mixed thoroughly. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions to operate the machine and clean your carpets.  

Homemade Deodorizing DIY Carpet Cleaning Solutions

If you have pets at home that see heavy traffic, your carpets can smell rancid after a while. This is one of the best DIY carpet cleaning solutions that can even eliminate the toughest dirt and stains while deodorizing the entire area. The vinegar is an acetic acid that can easily destroy germs and loosen and lift dirt from your carpet.

Deodorizing Carpet Cleaning Recipe

  • One cup white distilled vinegar
  • One cup Oxyclean
  • One-gallon hot water

Then, add the hot water to the tank of your carpet cleaning machines.

Then, slowly add the vinegar and Oxyclean to the water. Stir the contents of the containers to dissolves the Oxyclean completely. Clean your carpets according to your machine’s manufacturer’s directions.  

To Conclude

You don’t need to drain your wallet to keep your carpet looking like a new and smelling fresh. There are many commercial carpet cleaning solutions available, not to mention they contain harsh chemicals. Save yourself some money and make a DIY Carpet Cleaning Solutions that will clean your carpets and keep your family safe.

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