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Cleaning Code: What Does the Letter Means

30 May
Cleaning Code

Cleaning Code: What Does the Letter Means

Upholstery should always be marked with a cleaning code tag that allows the buyer to know in advance, what type of cleaning is recommended. These are important things to be kept in mind when you are you are purchasing a new piece for your home, or dragging back something old from auction.

Cleaning codes are found under the seat cushions on the platform. If you do not find the cleaning on the platform, check all tags that might be attached to the piece. If you have removed them during purchase or it is missing from the piece you can get the information by visiting the product page on company website. If it’s vintage, you might try calling around to those who make their living reupholstering and they should be able to lend a hand.



If you find “W” on your furniture that means you are lucky enough, as it means your piece can be cleaned with water. This means you will be safe if you use an upholstery cleaner on your spill or stain. This is the most durable type of fabric you can buy and it is ideal for furniture’s because furniture’s sees high volume of spills.


If you find “S” on your furniture it means that it should ONLY be cleaned with cleaning solvents (dry clean only) and will not react well if water is applied to it. Spot clean i only advised when the product is meant for home dry cleaning use.  Most employee owned grocery stores will typically carry one product of this of this nature as your local carpet cleaner often sells their product to them. (Make sure that after using a product of this nature to use a blow dryer to dry the spot so it doesn’t leave a ring! ) Do not allow your piece to become outlandishly dirty if you plan on being happy with the professional cleaning results you will get. Stains, spills or dirt in general should be cleaned as soon as possible to retain the longevity of the colors and the fabric.


This code indicates a combination of dry cleaning solvent and water can be used. it‘s not often seen and is often times best left to the professionals to clean something with this type of code. If it is not in the budget, use furniture with the S/W is less traffic areas and clean spots as soon as possible before they have a chance to set in. Go with solvent based cleaner if you have it on hand.


This code isn’t seen anymore, but it appears frequently on fabric blinds and shades. It means the item cannot be cleaned, only vacuum can be done. Google it or recommend a furniture expert for best method to clean a piece of this nature.

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