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Best Tips on How to Keep Carpet Clean

03 Sep
How to keep carpet clean

Best Tips on How to Keep Carpet Clean

Let’s face it, the majority of people have a very hectic schedule and if you’re being honest keeping your carpets spotless probably isn’t always high on your priority list. Actually, a carpet has to face more than you think, from the footmarks of the dirty shoes to spills that leave a stain you just can’t get out. It’s not always easy to deal with such stains. Hence, it is very important to learn how to keep carpet clean like professionals.

Here we will discuss some effective carpet cleaning tips that can help you keep the carpet clean and make them long-lasting. 

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4 Surefire Tips on How to Keep Carpet Clean – From The Experts!

1. Never Skip The Vacuuming Routine

Vacuuming is the most important factor you need to consider when you want to know how to keep carpet clean. Vacuuming is one of the best jobs you can do to care for the carpet. Only buying the best vacuum cleaner is not enough to keep your carpet clean. You need to follow a proper and regular vacuuming routine to keep dust and dirt away from the carpets. 

Make sure you vacuum the carpet at least once a week. If your carpet receives a lot of traffic, then you may need to vacuum twice or thrice a week. If you have pets at home, then you need to increase the frequency of vacuuming the carpets. Apart from vacuuming, dog owners should have professional carpet cleaning services at least twice a year. Moreover, following a regular vacuuming, routine promotes a clean and healthy surface and keeps the diseases causing bacteria at the bay. 

” Pro Tip: To get the most out of vacuuming, you need to go slow on carpets. The higher the traffic is, the slower you should go. This will give the vacuum machine a good time to extract all the penetrated particles. If you go too quickly, then you probably will not pick up all of the dirt. “

2. Apply a Carpet Protector 

The best thing you can do is place extra support on the carpet. Adding a rug will reduce the amount of dust and dirt that your carpet faces. Make sure you place the rug in the carpet area where foot traffic is the most. All the dust from the foot traffic will be captured in the rug, keeping your carpet clean and smelling fresh. However, the rug will become dirty, but it is a lot easier to clean a rug than an entire carpet.

3. Use a Welcome Mat Or Implement No-Shoes Inside Rule

Placing a welcome mat at the door is one of the oldest techniques to restrict the dust from entering the home. The mat at the door will reduce the amount of dirt that is tracked in through foot. Or else, you can place a board on the door with a sweet message of the shoe-free zone. This is a great way and will prevent the carpet from getting dirty. 

4. Deal With Stains Right Away 

It is obvious, the longer a stain sits on the carpet, the harder it becomes to remove. Hence, it is very important to remove it as soon as possible. You can stop stains from setting into your carpet by responding to the stain on the spot. Moreover, never scrub the stain or else it will get more deep. So make sure you always blot the stain using a white cloth. 

Get Your Carpets Professionally Cleaned 

Even after learning and performing these tips on how to keep the carpet clean, you need professional cleaning services. Apart from dust, the carpet also holds dangerous allergens and bacteria. That cannot be eliminated by vacuuming. That’s the reason your carpet needs professional carpet cleaning services at least twice a year (Professional cleaning services also depends on the amount of traffic your carpet gets). 

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