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Best Carpet Cleaning Methods For Allergies at Commercial Carpets

11 Dec
Best Carpet Cleaning Methods For Allergies

Best Carpet Cleaning Methods For Allergies at Commercial Carpets

What can be the best carpet cleaning methods for allergies treatment?

Commercial carpet is probably more vital than you might think. Wall to wall carpeting helps in keeping the noise down in an office block and having top quality carpet in your office creates a great first impression on visitors and possible customers. Moreover, the carpet makes a nice working environment for your employees and goes a long way to show them that they are valued.

High-quality carpet can be a valuable investment, as it is a huge investment, it makes sense to take proper care of it. We’ve put together 3 top tips to take care for your commercial carpet with the help of best carpet cleaning methods, so let’s dive into it.

Area rugs

It doesn’t matter how careful you are, carpet easily gets dirty from dust and debris which enters into the house through foot traffic. Grit and dirt can easily get trapped into the carpet and this has the effect of flattening the carpet piles and making the carpet appear dirty. Not only this, over time these tiny particles of grit cause wear and tear to the fibers of your carpet, leaving you with no option but to replace it.

What’s the solution?

Area rugs are the best thing that can be placed in high traffic areas such as entrance way. These will work as a filter and collect any type of dirt and debris bought in by visitors and employees and will also help to preserve the look of your carpet. Within daily vacuuming of both the carpets and the area rugs, your carpet will stay looking their best for longer.

Protect your carpet from furniture

This prevents the formation of creases on the carpet and from fibers becoming snagged. Placing small mats under the desk for employees is also a good way of protecting the carpet in these areas. Another way of saving your commercial carpets from damage is to use rubber or plastic mats beneath office chairs that are on castors.

Carpet Cleaning on Daily Basis

Agreed, that your office carpets get vacuumed on regular basis and that’s good. However, some people make the mistake of not having professional cleaning for their office carpets until they look dirty and by that time, the damage has been done.

Rather, make a note to have your commercial carpet cleaned at least twice a year, depending on football, or better still schedule a maintenance program with your preferred carpet cleaning company. Professional carpet cleaning helps your carpet to last longer and keep it looking fresh and clean, and free from germs. Were you knowledgeable that carpet mites and other insects and pollens can accumulate in the bottom of the carpet, triggering allergies and symptoms like sneezing and running eyes for your employees?

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