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6 Quick Cleaning Tips for Better Carpet Flooring

03 Feb
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6 Quick Cleaning Tips for Better Carpet Flooring

Carpet cleaning is an important task to be included in the daily cleaning checklist. People also install carpet due to it’s durable and protective nature. It filters the home environment by absorbing harmful allergens. Therefore, the carpet needs extra care and attention. 

Here in this blog, we have mentioned quick cleaning tips to help you revive the original beauty of the carpet. 

1.Regular Vacuum cleaning

Regular vacuuming can remove dust particles from the upper layer of your carpet. This will help to maintain your carpet look. Vacuuming once or twice a week not only eliminates the dust but also removes microscopic allergens from your carpet. This is how vacuuming contributes to a clean and fresh environment. 

Upholstery Vacuuming

2. Always have complete information about your carpet

Carpets are made from different fabrics and we can’t apply the same cleaning method for different fabrics. Therefore, it is vital to know about your carpet to clean it accordingly. Besides that, be aware of the warranty period and other details before optimizing any cleaning measures.

3. Take care of your carpets with carpet protectors

Many people refuse to apply carpet protectors because they feel it minimizes the visual appeal of the carpet. In reality, this is just a misconception. Protector will protect your carpet from stains and debris. It helps to keep it clean and beautiful for longer. 

4. Quick Response is Require

Whenever you detect stains on your carpet, immediate action is necessary. Quick action can save your carpet from damage. For example: If you spill red wine on the carpet, immediately apply salt on the affected area. This will absorb the wine and save your carpet.

5. Patch stains, Don’t keep on brushing them

Dab stains with a clean cloth, a sponge instead of scrubbing. This will allow the stain to be soaked up in the cloth while rubbing causes particles to be absorbed in the carpet. Blot from the outside of the stain inward, as blotting outward can spread the stain.

6. Hire Professionals Once in a Year

Professional cleaning is important to deep clean your carpet. It will restore your carpet’s beauty and enhance your home appeal. A professional cleaning will make your carpet ready to handle stains, germs, dust, and foot traffic for the next 6-10 months. 


We hope these quick cleaning tips will help you maintain your carpet. If you have any further doubts about carpet cleaning in Temecula, then contact Xtaordinary Carpet Cleaning at 760-613-8546. We are happy to help you.  Follow us on Facebook or Instagram to know our latest updates.  

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