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20 Nov
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3 Reasons & Benefits Why Sofa Cleaning is Required

When thinking about cleaning your residence, furniture is something that is usually ignored. Your carpeting could cover extra square video footage -yet we wager you’ll invest even more time being in your preferred chairs cleaning compared to the living-room flooring! Are the coughs as well as sneezes not making you realize anything about couch cleaning […]

30 Oct
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Spills on Carpet! Tips to Damage Control like a Pro

Drops, spills, and accidents are going to victimize your carpet no matter what you do. These tricky and heart-wrenching situations are going to occur despite your best of efforts. Instead of cutting down on life thinking about spills and stains, why not learn some pro damage control tips to make things easier. Here are some […]

01 Sep

How dirty is your mobile phone?

Smartphones have become part of our daily life. If you are not using one to talk to other people, then you are surely using it to browse social media while waiting for your appointment or checking out emails and finishing tasks after work on your way home on the bus. It is a great thing […]