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16 May
Tile and Grout Cleaning

Things you must know about Tile and Grout Cleaning

Tiles has become popular flooring option since a century. While it has become the obvious option for kitchen and bathrooms. Modern homeowners prefer using tiles to the whole house. Tiles has many reasons of being popular; they are durable, don’t tolerate stains, they produce minimal dust, free of dust mites and other dangerous organisms and […]

07 May
air duct cleaning

5 benefits of air duct cleaning

Air ducts plays an important role in your home. Air ducts circulates air from hot and cool unit to each room in your home. Dust, allergens and the unwanted particles enter your home through various sources, and main source is the foot traffic. All these particles and allergens gets multiplied day by day and reside […]

01 May
professional carpet cleaning

Why regular professional carpet cleaning is necessary?

What you can do to give your carpet a longer and healthier life? Regular professional carpet cleaning is the solution for it. We often get calls to clean carpets that are visibly soiled. We happily clean it, certainly, but by the time you see that your carpet is stained, the dirt and grit has been […]

19 Apr
shower glass door

Home hacks to Keep Shower Glass Door Clean

Bathroom cleaning is a big headache and its considered as a routine task by the homeowners. It is a laborious task to keep the bathroom spotlessly clean throughout because it is used constantly. The dirty glass of the shower door makes the job more difficult. Spots and scum on the shower glass door make the […]

12 Apr
best time to clean your carpets

Summer is the Best Time to Clean your Carpets

Summer season is upon us and longs sunny days have started and we have an excellent chance of enjoying this sunny season by going out and spending a good time with sun and sand. correspondingly it is also a perfect time to clean and make your carpets refreshed. Carpet manufacturers and experts recommend a professional […]

06 Apr

Pros & Cons for Housekeeping Services

Housekeeping in simply means maintaining a house on a daily basis or long-term basis or maintaining its cleanliness, tidiness, upkeep and smooth running. When you keep your house clean and well maintained, you would also like to make its appearance more beautiful as possible. How do you manage your house so everything stays in usable […]

30 Mar

3 Reasons To Prefer a Professional Upholstery Cleaning

Furniture is the important asset of the home, but sometimes they are overlooked when it comes to cleaning. It is very important to keep your furniture clean because you never know who can come to visit you. Regular cleaning done by yourself is a good initiative but you should approach a professional cleaner twice a […]

21 Mar
housekeeping cleaning

Housekeeping Service is Perfect for Private Households and Estates Cleaning

Every house, whether private, like yours, or commercial like offices, shops, hotels, hospitals, clubs, etc., needs to be kept clean and tidy so that it looks inviting to all. This is where housekeeping cleaning and maintenance services can be spotted very easily anywhere. The basic concept of housekeeping has started from keeping a domestic house clean and has […]