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How To Clean Air Ducts Yourself? DIY Steps To Follow!

24 May
how to clean air ducts yourself

How To Clean Air Ducts Yourself? DIY Steps To Follow!

Often, air duct cleaning is done with the help of professionals. The reason behind this is, we don’t have the necessary equipment and knowledge to perform thorough duct cleaning. Knowing how to clean air ducts yourself can save you a lot of money.

How Necessary is The Air Duct Cleaning?

Generally, air duct cleaning refers to the cleaning of heating and cooling system components including heat exchangers heating and cooling coils, condensate drain pans (drip pans), fan motor and fan housing, supply and return air ducts and registers, grilles and diffusers, and the air handling unit housing.

If these components are not clean properly, then the chances of causing respiratory health issues increases. Over the years, various dust mites, airborne particles, allergens, and other contaminants have settled inside the air duct. Therefore, it is important to clean it regularly. Every time it is not possible to call the professionals for a cleaning job, So consider these ways to perform air duct cleaning yourself.

Things Require To Clean Your Air Ducts

  • Furnace Filter
  • Vacuum
  • Brush
  • Screwdriver or Hex Driver
  • Paper Towels

Steps to Perform Air Duct Cleaning

  • Protect supply registers

Protect supply registers

To protect the supply register, cover it with a paper towel. This way, the dust will not drift into the rooms.

  • Turn on fan

While cleaning, it is important to set the thermostat to “fan on,” and shut off the “heat/cool” mode. This will help you move the dust when you are brushing to loosen it.

  • Inspect furnace filter

Ensure that your old furnace filter is in place so that the dust doesn’t get carried away into the fan motor.

  • Loosen dust in air ducts

Loosen dust in air ducts

Take a handle of the brush and tap any accessible duct area into the basement to break the deposits of the dust.

  • Clean supply register

Clean supply register

Sweep the dust from the supply register with the help of a vacuum cleaner. After that, remove the paper towel you have put in place.

  • Turn off fan and furnace

Shut the fan off at the thermostat and power off the furnace via breaker panel. In the end, you will get clean and clear air ducts providing fresh air supply.

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