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Avoid These 4 Air Duct Cleaning Scams

14 Aug
Air duct cleaning scams

Avoid These 4 Air Duct Cleaning Scams

Nowadays there are abundant air duct cleaning scams going on in the home improvement industry. There are many houses that possess repairs and maintenance needs. The average homeowner cannot take on themselves because of the complexities. Sad to say, but the scam artists are very well aware of this and will not miss the chance of taking advantage of unaware homeowners who don’t do their homework prior to getting work done. 

In an effort to help the homeowners from the scams the air duct cleaning industry, NDCA, the National Air Duct Cleaners Association, launched the breathing clean initiative. Breathing Clean was launched to educate homeowners about the importance of air duct cleaning along with proper cleaning methods and how they can avoid falling prey to fraudulent air duct cleaners. 

The Most Common Air Duct Cleaning Scams!

The Blow & Go Scam

There are many air duct cleaners in the industry who offer air duct cleaning services at low cost and during service, they just blow and go. These companies, schedule multiple appointments in one day. They just allow just enough time to clean what you can see, leaving behind the dirt, dust, and microbes in the air you breathe. These air duct cleaners do a very poor job of HVAC systems cleaning. Moreover, they may also convince a homeowner to pay for unneeded services. 


The bait and switch method is also one of the most common air duct cleaning scams. Here, the scammers offer you an amazing deal by the coupon or over the phone. Once the air duct cleaners arrive at your place for the pre-scheduled appointment, they’ll minimal work, tell you that you need more, and continue to offer you services upgrades for additional fees. 

There are some scammers even use scare tactics to get homeowners to pay more for subpar services. 

Mold Inspection Scams

Mold Inspection is also one of the most common air duct cleaning scams. Many scammers take advantage of the unaware homeowners by preying on their fears. They will offer you a great coupon to get into your home. Then, during the inspection and cleaning process, the contractor will make false claims about finding mold in the home, charging you thousands of dollars for the services that are actually not needed. 

If your contractor tells you they have found mold in your ducts, put them on hold before agreeing to get work done. Then, either call different companies for a second opinion or contact a licensed mold assessor for a perfect evaluation. 

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